If you’re looking for a company offering piling in Epping, then we at Prime Piling can offer you precisely the services that you need. We’ve been working as the area’s leading piling contractors for more than 20 years, assisting on projects of all shapes and sizes. We understand how important our work is for many construction projects and we offer a complete package with foundational work, from initial consultation through to completion. Finding the right company for piling in Epping can make all the difference to the outcome of your project; why not contact Prime Piling today, to see how we can help?

What is Piling?

Piling has a long history of being used in building work. Even the early civilisations have records of using wooden logs to offer their building a sturdy foundation. Over the centuries, this concept has continued to be used and was developed, especially as more houses were needed. The ability to create the perfect foundation time and time again is an unparalleled benefit, especially as land becomes scarce. The concept behind piling in Epping and across the world is using long poles of wood, concrete or steel and embedding them into the ground to ensure that the weight of the building on top is distributed evenly into deeper soil, somewhere that is dense and able to withstand the weight.

Prime Piling

We offer a number of different types of piling in Epping depending on the soil quality. Saturated or silty soils are particularly difficult to build on, which is why it is important to have the right piling in place. Here at Prime Piling, we can arrange for you to have the correct foundations, created perfectly for your buildings. Our excellent team of professionals will be able to offer you a great service complete with all the necessary calculations to ensure that your foundations will hold up your building.

What are the Advantages of Using Piling?

There are so many different benefits to using piling in Epping, especially as it can work where other types of foundations can’t. The depth of piling means that it can safely hold up buildings of almost any weight, including heavy ones. This means that no matter how tall your building might be, piling can keep it securely standing tall, but it is also useful for smaller, domestic buildings as well. Our piling is ideal for everyone involved in the construction of a building, and it’s efficiency and aesthetics make it ideal for even the most upper class neighbourhoods.

Interested in Speaking to Our Team?

Piling in Epping is a great way to start your construction. Powerful and long lasting, it is the solution for any building. If you’d like to work with a reliable company who can offer you great quality piling in Epping, then feel free to contact us today on 01279 494220 or by emailing us at info@primepiling.co.uk.