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Grundomat Piles

Everything You Need to Know About Grundomat Piles

What are Grundomat Piles?

First, Grundomat is a word that refers to a tool to drive the piles. Grundomat pile is a method of driving piles using condensed and compressed air. This compressed air is generated through a small machine outside where the piles are being driven. This makes it an appropriate solution and technique for confined, restricted areas and underground environments.

To drive Grundomat piles, steel tubes ranging from 100 mm to 150 mm are driven deep into the ground until the required depth is achieved. Additionally, extra tube sections are also added, they are then welded to achieve the right design depth.

Technical specifications

  • Standard diameters 100 up to 150 mm
  • Allowable bearing capacity up to 90 kN

What are Grundomat Piles Used For?

  • They are suitable for domestic construction projects such as underpinnings or extensions.
  • They are also used in the industrial sectors
  • Grundomat piles are appropriate for lightweight construction projects.

Fields of Application and its Environmental Impact

The following are the fields where grundomat piles are successfully applied:

  • Grundomat piling is used in areas with narrow, confined and difficult access – such as underground sites and basement
  • Areas where less vibration and noise are required.
  • Small house extensions projects like orangeries, gardening rooms, porches in a residential area and conservatoires.

The environmental impact of grundomat piling:

  • There is limited noise pollution
  • No loud vibration is generated while driving piles
  • There is no need to remove soil
  • One does not need a piling rig
  • The compressed air can be provided and generated afar from the construction site.

The Construction Process of Grundomat Piling

  • The thin wall tube that emits air is positioned precisely over the required area.
  • This tube is filled with a dry mix or limestone plug.
  • Then, at the base of the tube, a pneumonic mole is used to compact a plug.
  • Grundomat is attached and connected to an air compressor from the other end.
  • Additional tube portions are welded when necessary, and bottom driving is continued while the welding is repeated as driving progresses.
  • When the required design depth is achieved, the pile driving ends.
  • Next, the steel cylinders are lined with reinforcement.
  • In the end, concrete or grout is used to fill the steel tubs.

Benefits of Grundomat piling

  • Using lightweight machinery generates minimal vibration, which makes this technique great for an environmentally sensitive area.
  • There is no need for piling rigs or heavy-weight machinery.
  • Grundomat piles are easily driven with restricted access and limited headroom.
  • The installation process is swift yet efficient and accurate.
  • It can be fit through doorways if to be used internally.