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SFA Open Bore Piling

SFA piling is an ideal solution for building with limited access.

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SFA Open Bore Piling

SFA Open Bore Piling In Essex & London

Providing Services for Restricted Areas

SFA piling is an ideal solution for building with limited access. Our team provides exceptional SFA piling services in places where heavy machinery is not allowed.

What is Open Bore Piling?

Open-bore piling is appropriate for clay, chalk, and sandy soils. This technique is highly effective when the soil is unsuitable for building shallow foundations and tall and high-rise buildings.

At Prime Piling, our workers use Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) open bore piling to achieve the required depth.


Our Services

Mini Piling

Prime Piling has built up to become one of the best Mini Piled Underpinning service providers.

SFA Open Piling

SFA piling is an ideal solution for building with limited access.

SCD Piling

SCD (Steel Cased Driven) Piling is a bottom-driven piling using a vibrating mole or a drop hammer piling rig

Need some help with your project?

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge we offer a complete package with all foundation work, including design, drawings and calculations.

jack topping
jack topping
I found Prime Pilling one of the best companies to do business with. They are polite, efficient, thorough and very competent indeed. It was a pleasure to do business with them and I recommend them unreservedly. Emmanuel
Paul Hastwell
Paul Hastwell
The prime piling team were excellent - leveraging their expertise to manage the complexities of the site and working round the the poor foundations of the existing building. Great level of service, soup to nuts - fundamental activities (e.g. shuttering) were included and not an added extra as some other people had quoted. highly recommended!
Chris James
Chris James
Prime piling have just finished working for us- I had zero experience or knowledge of them or Piling before - They arrived on schedule & explained what was required and just got on with it. Despite finding some inevitable problems in an awkward location, Jamie and his guys swept them aside in a very professional manner. They left the site in good order every night and always consulted with us on best and cost effective option. I will definitely be using them again and we are very comfortable to leave a review and / or recommend to others. A 5 star company......
harry adams
harry adams
Very friendly and efficient. Completed the job in the estimated time frame given, even with multiple obstacles being thrown at them. Turning up through terrible weather. Tidying up every day. Can’t fault the service at all.
Anne-Sophie Gossan
Anne-Sophie Gossan
We used Prime Piling for our extension. We have found them extremely reliable, thorough and professional. They came when they said they would come, finished when they said they would finish and did the work to a high standard which was approved by the building controller.
Prime Piling were great on the job that grew more and more difficult by the day at no fault of their own. Jamie and his team were responsive and kept me up to date throughout the project even offering me help and advice. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.
Vincenzo Palmieri
Vincenzo Palmieri
We found Jamie and the team to be very experienced professionals in the groundwork/piling services. It took us some time to find reliable company and we were not disappointed with our choice. Initially, we had a wrong evaluation by the appointed structural engineers and Jaimie managed to find a solution without delaying our project. Very professional, calm, reliable.
Alex Gibbard
Alex Gibbard
Jamie and Kieran were fantastic. Jamie kept us informed during the project and the workmanship was great. I wish I had been in contact with Jamie earlier in the process, as he’s keen to keep the costs down, especially during the design phase with the engineer. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Jamie and Samantha for your piling and job.
David Lewis
David Lewis
After an initial inspection the quotation was agreed. The engineers commenced the work on the due date on time and performed the job in a clean professional and helpful way. I was impressed by their attention to detail and their willingness to adapt if and when needed. I would have absolutely delight in recommending this company for piling work again and if you need a reference you may contact me though them.

Our Recent Work

Flexible Piling Method

Our Flexible Piling Method is as follows:

  1. The process begins with positioning the SFA rig over the proposed pile position and then drilling vertical holes into the ground.
  2. We will drill an auger into the ground to the desired design depth.
  3. The sides of the pile bore are supported during this stage by the auger and soil inside the flights.
  4. An expendable cap on the bottom of the lead flight prevents soil from entering the hollow stem auger.
  5. Then, the mixed grout is poured and pumped down through the auger’s hollow stem.
  6. After that, a steel cage is lowered into the wet concrete.

Key rig capabilities:

  • Rig loadings: 1.5 – 36 tonnes
  • Pile diameter: 300 – 1000mm
  • Maximum depth: 25m
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Prime Piling

How does the
SFA bore pile

As mentioned above, sectional flight auger piling is used where the soil is granular. A rotating hollowed stem auger is used to drill through the soft foundation and then mixed grout is poured and pumped down through the hollow stem of the auger. This way, piles are filled with grout while the augers are being extracted.

Once the auger is extracted, all debris is removed from the area, and a reinforced steel cage is pushed into the wet grout to complete the SFA pile formation.


Where is SFA pile most commonly used?

In areas of unobstructed ground

Where there is limited headroom or restricted space.

Unstable ground conditions

Common Uses of SFA piling

Structural foundations

Sites with logistical constraints

Contiguous and secant piled walls

Suitable for clay, weak rock, water-bearing sand, gravel and glacial till

To provide earth retention

To protect existing buildings

For projects such as bridges, roads or tunnels

What Can You Get from SFA Open Bore Piling?

Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) resists uplift, compressive and lateral loads.

It is a cost-effective and cost-efficient foundation solution.

This piling solution can be used on many soil conditions like sand, clay, silts and gravel.

Can achieve pile depths up to 32m and various diameters of 300 mm to 1000mm+.

There is minimum disruption, low noise and no vibration; therefore, it is ideal for areas with weak soil.

The construction process is relatively quicker than methods like bored piles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Piling is the process of inserting structural piles into the ground that will become the base of the building. Piles are required where soil and earth are performing poorly and are used to spread the load of a building and firm the ground. They are a cost-effective approach to combating corrosion and are proven to significantly improve the life expectancy of a structure

The size of the trench depends on the size of the ground beam to be installed. For our typical ground beams to an extension an excavation of 600mm deep and 450mm wide is sufficient. Please ring for advice.

There are a number of reasons it may be: A site investigation has highlighted that the ground is unsuitable and un-useable to a depth of more than 2 metres. Removal costs for the excavation of traditional deep trench foundations are too expensive. Foundation trenches are not stable and health and safety, therefore, becomes an issue. There is a high-water table. Where there are soils such as clay that are likely to swell or shrink excessively depending on the amount of water content.

The job of the pile is to distribute the weight of the structure evenly. They are placed into the ground using a pile driver. Holding the piles perfectly vertical, this machine hammers each structure into the ground and also acts as a crane.

For a typical house extension, the work can take around 2-3 days, depending on the depth driven and services requested. For more complex projects, contact us for a more specific time frame.

Mini piling in Essex and Colchester is a type of specialist piling that incorporates a specific arrangement and number of driven pile and screw pile varieties. It allows for the expansion or extension of a building, while also safeguarding against ground heave and subsidence. Crucially, mini piling is often a cheaper, faster option than traditional deep trench foundations.

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