If you’re new to the world of construction, you might be wondering what piling is and how pile foundations work. Here at Prime Piling, we have been working in this industry for over twenty years and have been delivering high quality piling services to our customers across London and the Home Counties. Our work is comprehensive and inclusive, walking you through the entire piling process, from initial consultation through to the design of the space, and the final construction. If you’re in need of a piling expert, then we can help to make sure your building has the strongest pile foundation possible. Why not contact us today for more information?

Breakdown Down Piling

Mini Piling
Fundamental to understanding how piling works, is to breakdown what piling is. To put it simply, piling involves driving or boring supports into the deep foundation, allowing the building on top to rest securely. Usually piling is used to help bring stability to an area that doesn’t naturally have any. This could be because of the soil type or the location. By harnessing the power of types of piles, you can secure your deep foundations to the stable earth underneath the surface without removing the layers of soil in between.

What Techniques are Used?

There are a number of different techniques that are used for piling, because how piling work is to drive the essential support into the foundations. These foundations can be deep and therefore the entire process can be noisy and intrusive. This is why we offer other services, like mini piling, which is a quieter, more flexible way of piling for domestic locations. Knowing how piling can be vital to ensuring that you choose the right type of your building project. If you’re unsure that one of our excellent piling experts will be able to walk you through the entire process.

What Materials are Utilised?

There are a number of different materials that we use during the piling process, depending on the needs of your project. How piling works is quite flexible, allowing for us to use a number of different types of materials to create a sturdy foundation. This can include wood, steel tube or reinforced concrete pile, any of which are useful for piling. Piling involves inserting a large amount of one of these materials into the soil, so whichever you use, it will create a strong foundation for you. Here at Prime Piling, we use only the best available materials, ensuring that the underground structural supports will hold your building for many years to come.

Want to Find out More?

If you need help with your piling or would like some advice on what piling is, then you can get in touch with us today. One of our experts will be able to talk you through the entire process and set you up for a successful consultation. No matter what type of building you’re working on, we can make sure that you have the right foundations. Why not get in touch with us today by calling 01279 494220 or email us at info@primepiling.co.uk.