Finding the right foundation for your building is key to making it a success. This may not be as easy as it sounds considering just how many different types of foundation there are and the pressure that choosing the right foundation can bring. At Prime Piling, we work with a range of different foundations, including raft foundations, which offer customers flexibility with their projects.

We can also offer advice on the best foundations for you, depending on the land that you’re planning to build on. Gone are the days where your build was good land dependent, with the right foundations, you can build pretty much anywhere. If you have questions about our work or would like more information on raft foundations, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, on any of the contact methods below.

What is a Raft Foundation?

The answer to the question of what is a raft foundation, is actually fairly simple. It is a hybrid, made of two different foundation building techniques, which are well suited to produce quality foundations in unusual circumstances. As the name suggests, there is a raft-like structure, which spreads the load of the building across the ground. They are often suggested because of their cost effectiveness and general suitability to the area the building is planned for.

What is a Raft Foundation Used for?

As you can tell, the raft foundation has a very specific design that allows for a particular purpose. What is a raft foundation used for? It is used to counter latent settlement characteristics that are often dependent on start makeup. By spreading the load of the building out over a wider area the raft foundation can allow it to ‘float’ on the ground, in a similar manner to a raft, hence its namesake. The foundation is often constructed using reinforced concrete slabs with a waterproof membrane to help keep it in place. This method is both effective and cost effective, ensuring that your building remains upright and stable for many years to come.

What are the Benefits of Using a Raft Foundation?

The process of a raft foundation would not be complete without examining the benefits of using such a foundation. One of the chief benefits that you will gain from using a raft foundation is that you can build pretty much wherever you like. Of course this is within reason, but the foundation does allow you to create a stable building regardless of the soil conditions. This freedom is combined with the reduced construction costs that raft foundations offer, as the cost of creating them is significantly less than constructing a floor slab.

Ways to Reach Us

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