If you’re looking for a high quality, structurally sound foundation, then why not try strip foundations? Here at Prime Piling, we offer exceptional foundations to all of our customers. So if you’re wondering ‘what is a strip foundation’? Then we can help you with quality advice on the best foundations for your next building project. Don’t leave your foundations to guesswork, consult the professionals and keep your building standing strong for many years to come.

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Prime Piling is a small, family run business that offers customers exceptional and professional services for piling and groundworks no matter the ground conditions across London, Essex and Hertfordshire. We specialise in offering quality foundations for domestic property, building contracts, new builds and extensions and we answer important questions like ‘what is a strip foundation’?

We have more than two decades of experience working in the industry and can offer the complete service, including advice, consultation, design, drawings, calculations and, of course, installations. This high quality service is the only one that you’ll need to build the quality foundation that you need for your next project.

What is a Strip Foundation?

A strip foundation like raft foundation is one of the most commonly used types of foundation, as it provides a continuous strip footings of support to a linear structure, like a wall. They have a number of different variations that differ depending on the needs of your project. Trench fill foundations and rubble trench foundations are just two examples of this. This allows for flexibility and load bearing capacity, an exceptional structure for your build.

Usually, a strip foundation is used when the subsoil is good and they often hold up low to medium domestic rise buildings. As a company that works mainly with domestic and building contracts, we often use strip foundations to great effect.

What are the Advantages of a Strip Foundation?

There are many reasons why strip foundations may have stood the test of time, remaining a favourite foundation for many contractors and builders across the country. Strip foundations are useful because they are easy to build, allowing for the build to move on quickly and efficiently. But this quick and easy installation is not a reflection on its quality, as a strip foundation has a very long service life and can hold up heavy loads, so they really are worth the money that you spend on them. The price is also much lower than other foundations, despite not being inferior in strength, so it’s a great choice if you’re building on a budget.

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